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What is Pecunix?

Pecunix is a digital gold e-currency founded in 2002 by Simon Davis. Similar to competing systems such as e-gold, Pecunix allows for the instant transfer of gold between user accounts.

Estimates at the end of 2004 suggest that there were over 6,500 funded accounts in the Pecunix system at that time. As of July 2008, Pecunix had 2375 oz (73.92 kilograms) of gold in storage, which as of February 2010 is worth approximately $3,407,260 . Pecunix gold bullion is stored with Mat Securities Express AG in Zurich, Switzerland. Pecunix, Inc. is incorporated in the Republic of Panama.

How Pecunix Works?

You simple register account with Pecunix, account setup is online and instant. After you open Pecunix account simply fund your account with some third party exchanger and start using it.

What is Pecunix Hosting?
Pecunix Hosting is hosting that can be paid via Pecunix. APEXCGI is one of the oldest hosting provider that accept Pecunix, all our clients can pay via Pecunix.
Why Choose Pecunix Hosting?

Many users prefer to save their cash in gold, Pecunix is best for such users. For such clients Pecunix hosting is best, they save gold and pay their hosting via gold.

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