Payza Hosting

Pay Hosting With Payza

What is Payza?

Payza is an internet payment service through which you can pay and receive funds online. Payza, a privately owned company founded in 2004, is an electronic wallet payment system enabling any business or consumer with email to send and receive internet payments securely, quickly and cost-effectively.

How Payza Works?

Opening account with Payza is very easy, you need to send your ID & Utility Bill then all is very easy to manage. You fund your account and starting sending funds.

What is Payza Hosting?
Payza Hosting is the hosting provider that accepts Payza as a payment method. APEXCGI is one of them who accepts Payza for all its products.
Why Choose Payza Hosting?

Payza is growing with time & today almost everyone is aware of Payza, due to such growing competition APEXCGI is accepting Payza. Payza payments are reversible which makes you to feel secure, when their is problem in hosting just ask refund from Payza.

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Key Features

Easy to integrate
Hosting comes with cPanel which is easy to use.
Work in all Browsers
Your website would work fine in all browsers.
Pay as you grow
With time upgrade packages when your websites grow..
Personal or Business
Host your website with us either it is personal or business website.