OKPAY Hosting

Pay Hosting With OKPAY

What is OKPAY?

OKPAY Inc. is a rapidly growing offshore company incorporated in British Virgin Islands in 2009, its founders having worked tirelessly on this project since 2007. The company owners are business people with a vast practical experience in the field of electronic commerce, financial software development, product marketing and sales via the Internet.

How OKPAY Works?

First you would need to register account with OKPAY, you can accept cashU, ukash and many more with OKPAY.

What is OKPAY Hosting?
OKPAY Hosting is the hosting provider that accepts OKPAY as a payment method. Although it is new payment gateway but it is growing very fast so APEXCGI decided to accept it.
Why Choose OKPAY Hosting?

OKPAY accepts many gateways like cashU, ukash etc Due to which we are accepting OKPAY so that our customers can pay through vast payment methods.

All payments are anonymous and irreversible so your ID is kept secret with OKPAY.

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Key Features

Easy to integrate
Hosting comes with cPanel which is easy to use.
Work in all Browsers
Your website would work fine in all browsers.
Pay as you grow
With time upgrade packages when your websites grow..
Personal or Business
Host your website with us either it is personal or business website.