Bitcoin Hosting

Pay Hosting With Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital currency which with the help of encryption techniques is used to regulate the real money on internet.

How Bitcoin Works?

You have to download bitcoin client software, then open wallet, add funds through exchanger in it.

What is Bitcoin Hosting?
Bitcoin Hosting is the hosting provider that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. APEXCGI is one of them who accepts Bitcoin for all its products.
Why Choose Bitcoin Hosting?

We believe that bitcoin is future of currencies, so starting from today is good option. Other benefit of bitcoin is that it is not controlled by any country like internet.

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Key Features

Easy to integrate
Hosting comes with cPanel which is easy to use.
Work in all Browsers
Your website would work fine in all browsers.
Pay as you grow
With time upgrade packages when your websites grow..
Personal or Business
Host your website with us either it is personal or business website.